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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Other Bungee

Its hard to deny the impact of Bungie on the lives of technies and teenagers everywhere. The makers of one of the best selling video game series in history have all but defined the first person shooter on the XBOX. Bungie Studios, the makers of the Halo series know how to do it right. But look out, there's a new kid in town. Bungee Labs (which by the way is not affiliated with Bungee Studios). And we're talking about something a lot cooler than video games. I know, its hard to fathom such a thing, but true it is.

I first heard about Bungee Labs through a previous co-worker of mine who is now employed there as a quality assurance engineer. He has been telling me how impressive their service is, and the other day he invited me over to see a product demo. Their flagship product bundle Bungee Connect, which debuted at the recent Web 2.0 conference, provides an entirely browser based IDE and development environment for quickly and efficiently creating web based applications. One of its most impressive features is the ability to automatically import any SOAP or REST web service and utilize its full functionality with a few clicks of the mouse. During the demo, in about 5 minutes, the presenter imported the recently announced eBay shopping API (it was unveiled at eBay live about a month ago), and created a custom implementation of it that provided a search for products and subsequently displayed the images, product descriptions, pricing, etc. for the resulting products.

The most impressive part of demo however, was the fact that the IDE (called Bungee Builder) is built using Bungee Connect. As the demo went on I almost forgot it was running inside of a browser because it functions like a full featured client side application. Bungee promises cross-browser compatibility for Builder and all applications it creates in Firefox, IE, and Safari. Another very innovation part of the Bungee service is the actual business model itself. Use of builder and the application development and deployment cycle is completely free, with charges only occurring according to the amount of site usage.

The service is currently in Beta, so there are certainly more changes to come, but I have to say as a web developer, this is a very exciting piece of technology, and one which I look forward to utilizing.


Anonymous Stuart said...

I gotta say... that is some WILD SHIZ!

3:45 PM  

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