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Monday, May 07, 2007

Google Codeage

Recently I went poking around in the "Google extras" section and found some nifty new tools and open source code snippets. Below are some of the highlights:

Send to phone (
This snazzy Firefox plugin allows you to highlight text to a webpage and then send it via text message to any mobile number. Pretty slick way of sending free text messages to your friends since once you select text, you can edit the message before its sent.

Picasa (
This is an older piece of open source Google software, that provides an excellent app for photo management and simple editing. If you haven't ever checked it out, it is really worth it. There is even a Linux version!

Google Maps (
If you're still using Mapquest you are living in the stone ages. Google maps utilizes an AJAX interface to allow real-time scrolling on the map. I've never tried to scroll all the way around the world, but I have a feeling it would work!

Kongolo (
This neat little plugin for Google Desktop allows you to spider and index a specific URL, thereby making it searchable by Google Desktop. It is optimized to allow speedy re-indexing of the site by only handling changes since the last index.

Real Time Syntax Highlighting JavaScript (
This is one of the slickest pieces of code I found on the site. It is a piece of JavaScript that will automatically highlight code syntax in an HTML page, based on the programming language used. It will end up looking like the code would appear in an IDE like Eclipse, making it really slick for web pages that embed code snippets.

In compliment to these handy projects and open source code components, there are constantly newly emerging projects that can be tracked on one of the many related Google blogs. A few of my favorites are:

Google Code Blog
Google Web Toolkit Blog
Google Testing Blog (This one is really good!)


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